Changelog FreeBasic Compiler MinGW gcc730

#4 (03.10.2018 01:30:16)

  1. rtlib: fix implicit-fallthrough warnings (commit: 8271887) — matthew.w.fearnley
  2. rtlib: fix GCC potential sprintf overflow warning: warning: '%d' (commit: cd6d0ae) — matthew.w.fearnley
  3. gfxlib: fix implicit-fallthrough warnings (commit: 6e0856d) — matthew.w.fearnley
  4. gfxlib: prevent a warning on sprintf(), where GCC is not clever enough (commit: 5400a98) — matthew.w.fearnley
  5. Missed some implicit-fallthrough warnings in rtlib (commit: 1ddebac) — matthew.w.fearnley
  6. rtlib: missed some more warnings (commit: f6cdf63) — matthew.w.fearnley
  7. rtlib: fix more warnings (commit: 0f92444) — matthew.w.fearnley
  8. gfxlib: fix gcc warning and simplify WM_SIZE fall though (commit: 5e4d2de) — matthew.w.fearnley
  9. rtlib: dos: fix gcc warning (commit: fe37508) — matthew.w.fearnley
  10. gfxlib: win32: move posting of EVENT_MOUSE_EXIT event in to (commit: 54d4485) — matthew.w.fearnley