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On this page are various program written using the FreeBasic language.

Card Object

Card Object

The Card Object is a FreeBasic object that can be used to manage and display cards.

cardobjv013.zip (202 K)



Yablon is an Acey-Duecy card game. Uses the Card Object.

yablon011.zip(202 K)



A remake of the classic game.

robots013.zip (108 K)

Roguelike Engine

RL Engine

A roguelike engine that includes a main menu, dungeon generation and LOS calculations.

rlengine.zip (76 K)

Escape From Lab 42

Lab 42

A real-time roguelike set in a zombie infested lab. You have 30 minutes to escape before the computer blows the whole place up. Get out while you can.

lab4202win.zip (229 K)


Simtron is a small virtual machine based on the Simpletron project found in C++ How to Program. Simtron includes FreeBasic source and full documention with examples.

simtron212.zip (227 K)

Hunt the Wumpus

Hune the Wumpus

This is a remix of the old mainframe game of the same name.

hunt.zip (63 K)



GRFont is a small object that maps graphics to ASCII codes.

grfont.zip (165 K)

Template Files

These template files help place the icons in the appropriate locations on the graphic.


8x8 template



grtemplates.zip (45 K)

Deep Deadly Dungeons

Deep Deadly Dungeons

Deep Deadly Dungeons is a roguelike games with large levels, lots of monsters and items. Graphical version.

dddungeons.zip (1.4 MB)

Deep Deeadly Dungeons

Ascii version.

dddasc.zip (468 K)

Master Code Breaker

Master Code Breaker

A MasterMind clone that uses the logic table developed by Toby Nelson.

mcode.zip (130 K)

Tail Gunner

Tail Gunner

An ASCII version of the old arcade game.

tailgunner.zip (156 K)

Hash Table Object

This is a simple Hash table object that accepts any of the standard FreeBasic data types as keys and data. Zip file contains source code and readme file.

asarray.zip (11 K)

Lode's Raycaster in FreeBasic

FreeBasic Raycaster

This is Lode's raycaster tutorial converted to FreeBasic.

fbrcast.zip (114 K)

Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is a patience game where you play nine holes (deals) and try to get the lowest score. Playable with mouse or keyboard, includes sound and music. Uses fmod for sound and music.

Picture gallery here.
Win32 exe and data files: golfsol.zip (7.85 mb)
FreeBasic source code: golfsolsrc.zip  (46.3 kb) Requires the data files from binary distro.



This is a FreeBasic object to read and write Windows Ini files.

FreeBasic source and help file: iniobject.zip. (85 kb)

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