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On this page are various tutorials on programming concepts and the FreeBasic language.

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    1. Let's Build a Roguelike

Let's Build a Roguelike

Let's Build a Roguelike is a step-by-step tutorial in ebook format on creating a roguelike game from conception to finished product. The tutorial covers all the aspects of the game, from creating the title page, dungeon building, inventory items, monster ai, combat, file saving and creating a morgue file. You can download the latest version from the link below.

Chapter List

  1. The Title Screen
  2. Improving the Code
  3. The Main Menu
  4. The RPG System
  5. Character Generation
  6. The Intro
  7. Dungeon Building
  8. The Dungeon
  9. Moving Around
  10. Main Display
  11. Inventory Structure
  12. Generating Items
  13. Character Inventory
  14. Character Inventory II
  15. Armor and Shields
  16. Weapons
  17. Monsters
  18. Monster Movement
  19. Melee Combat
  20. Resting Model
  21. Character Improvement
  22. Projectile Combat
  23. Scaling Monster Attacks
  24. Wands
  25. Generalizing Character Attributes
  26. Potions
  27. Scaling Difficulty Levels
  28. Jewelry
  29. Weapon Magic
  30. Tweaking the Game 1
  31. Armor Magic
  32. Jewelry Magic
  33. Spell Books
  34. Spell Casting
  35. Tweaking the Game 2
  36. Locked Doors
  37. Closing Doors
  38. Traps
  39. Searching
  40. The Wandering Merchant
  41. Tweaking the Game 3
  42. Inscribing Spell Books
  43. Monster Magic
  44. The Amulet
  45. Morgue File
  46. Save and Load
  47. Winning and Losing
  48. Instructions
  49. The End and Beginning


The download includes the complete ebook and all the FreeBasic source code.

Final Version: rlfinal.zip (6.34 mb)



Character Name


Character Generation

Main Display


Wandering Merchant

Dead Screen

Morgue File

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