for GooData 0.0. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at the GooData project page.

I. Introduction
Overview — a quick tour of GooData.
Gallery — some example output from GooData.
Example — how to create a simple rectangle line graph.
GooData — the main file with common functions.
Hints — Some hints on using GooData.
II. Graphs 2D
Rectangular coordinates
GooAxis — an axis for a rectangle background.
GooSimpleCurve2d — a simple curve scaled by at least one GooAxis.
GooCurve2d — a curve on a rectangle background (scaled by at least one GooAxis).
GooBar2d — bar chart (scaled by a GooAxis).
GooBox2d — box plot (scaled by a GooAxis).
Polar coordinates
GooPolax — an axis and a background area to scale values
GooPie2d — pie charts.
III. Graphs 3D
IV. Object Hierarchy
V. Examples
Graphs 2D — Example source code for GooData.
Graphs 3D — Example source code for GooData.
API Index
Index of deprecated API
Annotation Glossary