libpruio  0.6.8
Fast and easy Digital/Analog Input/Output for Beaglebones
sos.bas File Reference

Example: blink user LED 3. More...

#include "BBB/"
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#define PIN   /* 24 */
 The CPU ball to control (user LED 3).
#define OUT_K
 Output a short blink. More...
#define OUT_L
 Output a long blink. More...
#define OUT_S   /* OUT_K : OUT_K : OUT_K : SLEEP 150 */
 Output a 'S' (short - short - short).
#define OUT_O   /* OUT_L : OUT_L : OUT_L : SLEEP 150 */
 Output an 'O' (long - long - long).


int main ()


VAR io = NEW PruIo()
 Create a PruIo instance, wakeup only GPIO-1 subsystem, ignore kernel claims.
VAR pinmode = .BallConf[PIN]
 The current pinmode.

Detailed Description

Example: blink user LED 3.

This file contains an example on how to use libpruio to control the user LED 3 (near ethernet connector) on the beaglebone board. It shows how to unlock a CPU ball that is used by the system. And it shows how to control the unlocked ball. Find a functional description in section sos.

Licence: GPLv3, Copyright 2014-2021 by Thomas{ doT ]Freiherr[ At ]gmx[ DoT }net

Compile by: fbc -w all sos.bas


Definition in file sos.bas.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define OUT_K
/* .Gpio->setValue(PIN, pinmode + 128) : SLEEP 150 _
: .Gpio->setValue(PIN, pinmode) : SLEEP 100 */

Output a short blink.

Definition at line 24 of file sos.bas.


#define OUT_L
/* .Gpio->setValue(PIN, pinmode + 128) : SLEEP 350 _
: .Gpio->setValue(PIN, pinmode) : SLEEP 100 */

Output a long blink.

Definition at line 26 of file sos.bas.

Function Documentation

◆ main()

int main ( )

The main function.

Definition at line 67 of file sos.bas.

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